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Over 5,000 hand printed and coloured etchings and engravings from original, mostly antique, intaglio printing plates.


Maps and plans available as high quality photo or giclee prints

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All items are genuine antique prints and maps, guaranteed produced at or near the date stated.

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India, Durbar of a Prince in south Deccan, 1891
"Durbar of a Native Prince in the South of the Deccan" wood engraved print with recent hand colour, published in Indian Pictures drawn with Pen and Pencil, 1891. Blank reverse, good condition. Size 23.5 x 16.5 cms including title, plus margins. Ref I0258
Price: GBP 12.00
15.00 USD 13.91 EUR 103.30 CNY
Oxford, St.Mary's Porch, 1875
"St.Mary's Porch, Oxford" engraved by S.Bradshaw after a picture by S.Read, published in Picturesque Europe, about 1875. Steel engraved antique print. On thick paper, good condition. Size 16 x 23.5 cms including title, plus margins. Ref I0257
Price: GBP 16.00
20.00 USD 18.54 EUR 137.73 CNY
London, Bow Street Office, Rowlandson/Bluck, 1808
"Bow Street Office" aquatint by J.Bluck after a picture by Rowlandson & Pugin, published by Ackermann's Repository in The Microcosm of London, 1808. Aquatint with full original hand colour. Slight soiling in right margin, outside plate mark, otherwise good condition with plate mark and good margins. Size 27.5 x 23.5 cms to plate mark, plus margins. Ref I0256
Price: GBP 60.00
75.01 USD 69.54 EUR 516.48 CNY

The Cottagers Daughter (ballad), mezzotint, 1793
"The Cottagers Daughter" published by Robert Sayer, 16 Dec 1793. Mezzotint with original hand colour. Ballad below the print. On thick paper, with full plate mark and narrow margins. Some age browning and staining, several closed tears in margins Size 26 x 36 cms to plate mark, plus margins. Ref I0254
Price: GBP 30.00
37.50 USD 34.77 EUR 258.24 CNY
Bermuda Islands map, c1899
"Bermuda Islands" colour lithographic map published about 1899 in Cram's Unrivaled Atlas of the World. Reverse shows part of another map, otherwise good condition. Size 34 x 25.5 cms, plus margins. Ref I0253
Price: GBP 24.00
30.00 USD 27.82 EUR 206.59 CNY
East India Islands map, c1858
"East Indian Islands" by W Hughes, published by Virtue & Co., about 1858. Tinted lithographic map. One vertical fold as published, very slight soiling, otherwise good condition. Size 30.5 x 23 cms, plus margins. Ref I0252
Price: GBP 16.00
20.00 USD 18.54 EUR 137.73 CNY

Australasia, c1855
"Australasia" printed in colours by W.H.Lizars, published by A & C Black, Edinburgh, about 1855. Lithographic map with early colour printing. Good condition. Size 27 x 21 cms plus margins. Ref I0251
Price: GBP 18.00
22.50 USD 20.86 EUR 154.95 CNY
River Thames map from Maidenhead, 1791
"Course of the River Thames from Maidenhead Bridge to the Nore" copper engraved map by Samuel Ireland, published in Picturesque Views on the River Thames, 1791. Recent hand colour. Very slight foxing. Overall size 23 x 16 cms. Ref I0250
Price: GBP 18.00
22.50 USD 20.86 EUR 154.95 CNY
Italy map, 1841
"Italy" engraved by Alex Findlay and published by Thomas Kelly in A New and Complete System of Universal Geography ..., London, about 1841. Steel engraved map with recent hand colouring. Good condition. Size 19.5 x 25 cms plus margins. Ref I0249
Price: GBP 18.00
22.50 USD 20.86 EUR 154.95 CNY

Holy Land, Nazareth, c1860
"Nazareth" engraved by A.H.Payne after a picture by Alexius Geyer, published in The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ..., about 1860. Steel engraved antique print with original colour overprinting. Extremely slight soiling in the margins, otherwise good condition. Size 23 x 19.5 cms including title, plus margins. Ref I0247
Price: GBP 16.00
20.00 USD 18.54 EUR 137.73 CNY

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