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  High quality decorative fine-art prints

 (Links in this colour lead to pages listing hand coloured modern fine-art prints taken from antique plates)

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The World & those not included below

Physical (geology, hydrographic, ethnographic, rainfall etc.)

British Isles maps -

Europe -


The Americas

Canada (all in new catalogue)


Middle East (including Holy Land, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia)

Indian subcontinent

Classical & Historical maps (Greece, Roman Empire etc.)

British Isles -


The Americas -

Russia & ex-Soviet Union Territories



Middle East (Holy Land, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Arabia &c.)

India and Sri Lanka

South East Asia

China costume prints

China, Hong Kong and Macao

Tibet and Tartary)


Australia and new Zealand

Other parts of the world (Pacific etc., any not included in the above)


NEW - Paintings - modern oil paintings on canvas, copies of antique prints. Decorative and unusual.


Decorative, genre & miscellaneous -

Humorous, Caricatures, Moralities, Satire etc.

Costume - Chinese

Portraits -

Natural History prints -

Historical events and scenes

Battles and Military

Sporting, Horses and Dogs (antique)
Fox hunting (hand coloured restrikes from original plates)

Architectural prints

Nautical & Maritime - high quality modern fine-art engravings

Religious, Biblical and Jewish interest

Culinary interest

Paintings - modern oil on board copies of antique prints. Decorative and unusual.


Decorative reproduction antique maps
A large range of inexpensive reproductions are available from allposters
(these are not antiques)


 Decorative reproduction antique maps
A smaller range of high quality giclee reproductions are available framed and unframed from ArtSelect
(these are not antiques)

decorative reproduction world map

Decorative framed reproduction antique maps


Decorative art prints -
(NOTE - these are not antique)

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