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All items are genuine antique prints guaranteed over 100 years old, unless stated otherwise

Prints published in

The Lives of The Fathers, Martyrs and other Principal Saints

by the Rev. Alban Butler (1711-1773). Published by J.S.Virtue & Co. Ltd, about 1890.

Attractive chromo-lithographs with vibrant colours, most having highlights in gold ink. These are not to be confused with the later lithographic 'process colour' prints which do not exhibit the qualities of these chromo-lithographic examples.

(Chromo-lithographs were printed using a number of separate lithographic stones, one for each colour. Complex prints could use up to 20 stones, the print being passed from stone to stone to build up the image. It was an expensive process due to the work involved to create and print each image.)

Size about 16 x 23 cms image area (6.25 x 9 inches), all have good margins and are in good condition, unless noted otherwise. Discounts apply for multiple item orders.

saint Clotildis

Ref D9181. Price GBP 14

saint Franciscus Salesius

"Franciscus Salesius"
Ref D9161. Price GBP 14

saint Scholastica

Ref D9174. Price GBP 14

saint Rosa Limensis

"Rosa Limensis
Ref D9226. Price GBP 14

saint Margareta

Ref D9177. Price GBP 14

 saint Edward the Confessor

"Edwardus Rex Angliae" (Edward the Confessor)
Ref D9170. Price GBP 14

saint Matilda

Ref D9167. Price GBP 14

saint Leo Magnus

"Leo Magnus"
Ref D9168. Price GBP 14

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